Workforce Solutions

Workforce solutions are chosen by clients to solve staffing challenges that are:

  • complex, e.g. multi-sites, remote international locations, diverse workforce compliance needs
  • costly, e.g. staff assignment cost is prohibitive and/or cannot attract staff to the project
  • time consuming, e.g. setting up internal resource and supply chain, ties up internal resource

In its broadest sense, it covers the recruitment, bringing together and management of a diverse contingent workforce (local and foreign nationals, multi-skilled teams, multiple business functions, different skill levels) in a remote and/or challenging location. The requirement may be project driven or required for the ongoing operations and maintenance of field assets and facilities.

An effective project workforce solution means:

Where a business identifies a gap in the areas shown in the table below, then choosing a workforce delivery approach over a traditional one is likely to be more effective.

Driver – Gap – Improvement Need

Projects or assets needing ‘lean cost’ contingent workforce supply

Contingent workforce, broad scope of job disciplines, multi-site international locations

Cost of internal staff, tie-up of internal staff

Scarce skill sets with the necessary expertise and experience

Timelines to hire staff/ contingent are too long causing delays and cost overruns

Lack of visibility and control over the contractors workforce, performance is not bench marked for continual improvement

A TRS client solution will focus on a blend of the following:

A Workforce delivery solution is flexible and scalable

The solution is a selective to full outsource covering the core elements of a workforce need, as shown below:

A TRS structured approach

Scale and flexibility mean we supply our services for the few to the many, a small team need of three, through to multi-function workforces of several hundred contingent contractors.

Workforce delivery is an agile service, our specialists must maintain a current and anticipated knowledge of all the factors which can cause costs to rise, delays to occur and quality to deteriorate. In today’s world these risks arise from economic and political uncertainty, labour scarcity, cultural change and employment regulations. Our success over the last twenty years reflects expertise, experience and excellence in mitigating these risks for the benefit of our clients.

TRS Capability

We have over 20 years of experience supporting clients in Kazakhstan, the Middle East and West Africa with contingent workforce solutions. Throughout, we have improved our knowledge, capability and expertise at attracting, maintaining and retaining diverse local, other country national (OCN) and expat workforces; allowing our clients to focus their resources on maximizing operational output.

In summary, TRS can deliver a tailored mix of services for your needs:

Client Experience