Managed Services
Program (MSP)

A workforce solution designed to improve your business output by saving you time, cost and resource tie-up in managing your staffing needs

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a selective to full outsource service covering the core elements of a workforce need.

The core elements cover:

TRS shape an MSP to meet the client’s goals; it is a partnership that supplements and improves the client’s existing resources and processes.

An MSP delivers a long-term sustainable workforce strategy that is cost effective, consistent, compliant, focussed on quality outputs and is benchmarked for continual improvement.

Reasons to Choose Managed Services

Where a business identifies a gap in the areas shown in the table below, then choosing an MSP over a traditional approach is likely to be more effective.

Driver – Gap – Improvement Need

Large contingent workforce, broad scope of job disciplines, multi-site locations

Reduce number of supplying agencies, working with too many supplier contacts

Improve employment and supplier compliances

Recruitment processes are complex and lengthy

Lack of visibility and control over the staffing cycle, performance is not bench marked for continual improvement

The MSP will focus on a blend of the following:

Business Models:

Master Vendor – Preferred for high volume recruitment needs. In this model TRS manage all staffing requisitions using a combination of internal resource and supporting (typically tiered) agency suppliers to meet a diverse and often high volume ongoing staffing need.

Neutral Vendor – The client’s requirement is more related to staffing needs which are not within the TRS scope of supply. TRS use their expertise and VMS platform to manage the staffing supply chain. The model is also suited to optimizing a direct hire strategy.

Design & Implementation:

A solution tailored to a client’s needs is determined using a 3-step process as follows:

Clients are assigned a dedicated senior account manager and a supporting team. As required, we provide an onsite vendor representative, or we manage the program offsite to suit client preferences.

Management and VMS Technology

We partner with SAP Fieldglass Flex to provide a cutting-edge VMS platform, which can be set-up in a couple of days and is easy to use and maintain.

From requisition to pay check, SAP Fieldglass Flex provides a flexible and simple, end-to-end solution for addressing complex contingent talent management needs:

  • Fast, out-of-box setup within a matter of days – saves on implementation cost and time.
  • User friendly set up, design, configuration and use – Flex caters for both immature and mature users of VMS technologies.
  • Flex has been pre-configured based on learnings of industry best practices.
  • Offers complete visibility and control for the full talent lifecycle – from creation of work order to offboarding of a contingent worker.
  • Centralized, secure data storage and ‘one source of truth’ for contingent workers, suppliers and the client.
  • All prompts for authorizations can be outside the Flex solution for ease of use – there is a mobile and tablet friendly app available for use, alternatively authorisation can be done via email prompts that do not require logging into the solution.
  • Real-time information and analytics – any data inputted into Flex can be drawn out as a real-time report. Dashboards and reports can be configured based on user’s needs. Reports can be scheduled for automated distribution based on specific reporting needs of the business

As with all TRS services – documented and regularly audited policies and processes are the foundation for the consistent and dependable high-quality performance you will experience with a TRS MSP solution. All stakeholders, e.g. candidates, suppliers, contractors and client end-users are assisted through-out the program.

TRS MSP Capability and Experience

Client Experience