Executive Search

Focus and Scope

We support businesses with a specialist search service; the main focus is VPs, Project Directors and C-suite positions. Our market expertise covers:

Based across our worldwide offices, teams work nationally and internationally covering North America, EMEA and the APAC regions. We work with owner / operators, EPCFM contractors and consultancies locally and internationally.


We gain a profound understanding of an organization’s current and future need for talent enhancers, identifying the candidates who offer the innovation, insight and creativity needed in areas such as leadership, strategy, operations and business transformation.

Our international and varied market sector experience, is a great asset used by our teams (who value diversity and open thinking) to identify individuals who can act as catalysts for change and growth.


A full executive search and selection process, includes the following phases:

We also offer a flexible (standalone) talent mapping service which is tailored to suit. It consists of a detailed report and recommendations covering:

  1. The candidate market for the role in question, e.g. supply/demand, salaries & benefits
  2. A competitor analysis including, strength of competitors’ teams, how they shape their talent
  3. The list of potential approaches

The service is delivered over a tightly controlled period. If a client wishes to extend the service into the shortlist and selection phase, the mapping service cost is deducted from the final fee payable.

Assignment Protocol

Throughout an assignment we work to the following standards:

  • Discretion; information is shared on a “need to know” basis only
  • Clarity and consensus across all parties regarding the objectives and strategy
  • Regular progress communications for search calibration and quality assurance
  • Identifying and prioritising the most preferable candidates

Why choose TRS for your executive search needs?

We are not a transactional based service, our success is down to the skill of our associates in understanding your organization and finding the right candidates who can deliver the leadership talent to add value to your business needs. Additionally, our service offers:

  • A quick response – through established global presence and extensive networks
  • Understanding – as a business line of a highly respected US EPFCM public corporation (Fluor); our staff reflect a corporate culture, adhering to high standards of professional business conduct and ethics, CSR and an ethos for quality in execution.
  • Dependability – the service is underpinned by the huge financial and corporate strength of our 100 plus year old parent company.
  • Excellence in execution – we offer a proven and successful methodology for finding the best talent to hire, reducing the cost and time taken to search and select. We take an AIR principle approach to our client relationships:
    • Authentic – genuinely specialized and profoundly experienced
    • Insightful – inquisitive, analytical and participative
    • Relationship – engaged, passionate and collaborative

In all our engagements, we follow policies and processes aligned to the ISO9001 quality standard. TRS are currently certified to the standard for their operations in the UK, the Netherlands and all their US offices.

  • Communications – are always open and transparent; we present a progress update on a weekly basis to our search clients. This details the statistics, insight and forecast of the engagement with candidates. A call or meeting is subsequently held for any clarifications or calibrations to search strategy, this also maintains the appropriate expectations of timescales and milestones.
  • Talent retention – We use a psychometric behavioural assessment tool in our suite of solutions. Key stakeholders to an appointment provide insight to the desired behavioural profile for the target resource. With consensus established each shortlisted candidate is assessed through the same on-line survey for fit with the desired profile. Candidates with a high Job-Fit score are proven to be more productive, more enjoyable to manage and less likely to leave a position prematurely.
  • Track record – our consultants have and continue to execute successfully challenging briefs for critical talent needs around the world. Many of our searches are nearly always urgent, often requiring total discretion and flexibility in approach.

Client Experience